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quick intro to dotart and hole house

A quick intro about me, im DotArt or DotArtNSFW and i am the creator of Hole House Game which is probably what has brought you here. Hole House is the first major game i have worked on after a few years of doing just animations and with the continued support from all of you it has turned into so much more than just a collection of scene's

Hole House is just the start of this journey, maybe Hole House 2 will be next or some other variation on that but for sure it will not just stop with one. I know we are still a long way of finishing Hole House and there are still lots of things i want to add but i want you to know you are in good hands for future stuff.

There is also a Official Hole House site that has things like Update Notes, more info about the game, a count down to when the next release is and much more. I will link this at the top and bottom of the page

dotart - Hole House patreon feature's

Access to the latest version of the game

If you become a patreon you will get the latest build of Hole House for any of the devices you with and you will be able to begin playing right away. Just make sure you downloaded the latest version of Hole House from my feed to get all the extra stuff, if you have any problems let me know.

vote for the next character

When you pledge you will also be able to participate in polls for the next character. Hole House already has so many character's for you to enjoy and thats thanks to the patrons who have been voting for the best character each month, so if you want one of your favourite characters to be added to the Hole House then make sure you become a patreon. Polls happen throughout the month but the character ones are normally around the 16th of each month.

Vote For the next scene

Just like with the character's you'll be able to vote for what scene will next be added to Hole House. I normally have a sketch of the first frame of the scene ready for the poll so you can see what its going to look like. This is a good way to get one of the f*tish's in that you like. At the moment there is a F*otjob scene ready to go it just needs to win the poll so if that's something your after it might win one soon.

Hole House Official Discord Role

The discord for Hole House is free and available for everyone however if you become a patreon you will get a special role with an icon depending on your tier along with access to all the Patreon Only channels where you can talk to me easier. You will also get access to behind the scene's images of whats going on and be able to voice your opinion on what you'd like to see in the game next.

WIP Post's

Twice a month i also like to do some Work In Progress post to show everyone whats going to be coming in the next Hole House update. This will be things like character's added to scene's, sketchs for new scene's and outfit's, character head sketch's, new backgrounds that have been ReDone or are completely new and much more. The sketch's are a cool way to see if you will like what's going to be coming next to the game.

Official dotartnsfw - Hole House Links

dotartnsfw - holehouse © 2023
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