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Night Time View Of Your House From Outside

About DotArt And Hole House

So a quick introduction about me. I'm originally an animator who works in Adobe Animate. When i first started out i would mainly focus on single scene's with one or two character's and have it looping to some audio. As this progressed i wanted to try something different so started learning to code in Unity. When i first started I did a lot of things wrong and am still learning to this day but its crazy to see how much things have improved since when I first started to now with the Latest Version of Hole House.

On to Hole House, this has been my first major game where as before i would make single scene games with a few interactions, this one has lots of scenes with lots of character's and also some what of a story to progress through.

Hole House is still continuing to improve and that is all thanks to the feedback of everyone, it helps me to know what feature's and mechanics to add to the game and also helps me know i'm going in the right direction.

Thats all for now i'll update this again soon and i hope you enjoy everything.

Hole House

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