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Installing Hole House For Windows / linux

To install the Hole House Game for Window's and Linux you need to download the .zip file from and make sure it has fully installed before trying to do anything.

Once the zip file of the game has installed right click on the file and click Extract All which should be an option from the menu. If you have WinRAR installed make sure you don't use this as there has been some problems and is better to Extract the files using the build in file extraction of your device.

If you get any error's while opening the .exe that has been created you might not have Extracted All the files or there might have been problems while downloading some please try it again and if it still doesn't work let me know

Installing Hole House Mac

Installing Hole House for Mac is much like with Window's. You will first need to install the zip fril form After you have the .zip file you can either right click and Extract All or on Mac you should be able to just double click on the file and it will automatically extract everything you need.

The main error that will come with Mac is when you first try to open Apple will say you cant open the file. To fix this you need to go to Setting's > Privacy > A button will appear that you can click to allow the game to open

Installing Hole House For Android

Android installs for Hole House are a bit different. There are Two main parts, first is the installed file which is the .apk, this is like a installer that will install the game to the device. The second is the actual game which will appear on your home screen and is where the saves are stored so don't delete that.

After you have the APK installed you should be able to click it and run it. If you already have the game installed it will ask you to update it and this will transfer the save

An error that can happen is the "App Not Installed" Which has an easy fix and you can find a video and walkthrough on my itch page under the troubleshooting section

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